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L’Amour Tina & Byron: Engagement Session

Byron and Tina just came back from Vegas, where Byron became obsessed with adding the prefix “la” to everything after going to Paris (the fake casino one, Tina reminds me).  Hence, the title of this post.  I did a quick engagement shoot for the happy couple, and boy are they happy.  Seeing them together is like witnessing truly heart-gushing, puppy-dog lapping, warm fuzzy-inducing bliss.  And I don’t usually use any of those words.  Here’s to the happy couple!

Royal “T”ina

Tina is moving from Los Angeles to Boston at the end of the month.  It’s a sad thing, since I love her and will miss her so much - but it’s really a good thing because she is moving onto bigger and better things.  Like being with her fiance Byron and pursuing grad. school at BU.  To send her off, we decided to take her out to Royal T Cafe - an anime maid cafe - which is perfect since those who have lived with her (like, ahem, me) know she is a closeted Otaku.  We’ll miss you Tina Tina.

Oh yeah, and I surprised her by decorating my apt. for her Bon Voyage party.  

Wine Tasting, Napa Valley, CA

This week in NorCAL is turning out to be just the thing I need before starting school again.  I ended it all with a trip to Napa Valley with Sophia & Matt.  Just to give you some background, Sophia & Matt are wine connoisseurs and my favorite couple in the world.  We had so much fun, snacking on Parisian macaroons (which, btw, are my new obsession), getting a little tipsay with wine, and exploring the lush vines and gardens in the Valley.  

Thanks for taking me out and giving me a home this past week, Matt & Sophia!  I’ll be counting the days until I get to visit you both again!  So far I think its about 14.  

Off to SoCAL we go!

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