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Vows - Meizi & Justice

Almost done with this beautiful wedding.

Wedding: Andrew + Karen

Andrew and Karen are the sweetest couple. They had an intimate wedding where everyone pitched in one way or another. From the pianist to MC to officiator - everyone was practically family. And while their vows made me laugh and tear up, it was really Andrew’s boy-band performance that made my heart melt. Watching Karen watching Andrew sing his heart out was all the proof anybody needed to see how madly in love they are with each other. I am so grateful to have had to opportunity to capture your love on that special day. 

Congrats Andrew & Karen!

More soon … so many photos in my queue.

Wedding: Kayi & Gary

You know what they say - rain or shine, it’s wedding time.  This was the case for Kayi and Gary, but it did not dampen their spirits.  And we were able to find pockets of sun here and there to take some outdoor shots at the beautiful Kyoto Grand Hotel in DTLA!  As always it was a pleasure 2nd shooting with Herman!

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