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Meet my new BFF’s Lorencito and Romeo

Wedding: Kayi & Gary

You know what they say - rain or shine, it’s wedding time.  This was the case for Kayi and Gary, but it did not dampen their spirits.  And we were able to find pockets of sun here and there to take some outdoor shots at the beautiful Kyoto Grand Hotel in DTLA!  As always it was a pleasure 2nd shooting with Herman!

Wedding: Jo & Jimmy Fish

Had a great time @ the Long Beach Aquarium last weekend assisting Herman Au shoot this sweet and hilarious couple’s gorgeous wedding!  From the sea creatures everywhere to the gorgeous sunset, it was really a perfect day here in SoCAL. 

Wedding: Diana & Joseph

This was my first time assisting Herman Au @ a wedding, and I gotta say I loved it.  Hopefully you all will enjoy the shots too of this lovely couple (been together since high school!).  Cheers!

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