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Driving through Mexico on a tour bus

The Grand-daddy of them all - it was a religious experience swimming in this 130’ deep cenote that is open to the sky and surrounded by vines, mini waterfalls, and black catfish. I was able to bring in a small point and shoot camera, and if you take a closer look at the diffraction patterns on the edges, you’ll see that some of these were taken underwater.

Best. experience. of. my. life.

Meet my new BFF’s Lorencito and Romeo

Chichen Itza … the most uncomfortable/sweatiest experience of my life.

Aidan’s 1st Birthday

I had the most fun photographing the most adorable kids, including the man of the hour - Aidan. Baby Aidan turned 1 last week, and in traditional Korean culture, there is a large celebration in which Aidan chooses his future. Objects such as a stethoscope (symbolizing a medical profession) or a spool of thread (symbolizing a long life) are set in front of the baby and he or she gets to pick. Aidan chose a golf ball, a star wand, and a spool of thread … so I guess he is going to be a celebrity golfer who lives a long, prosperous life! =)

Thanks Moon & family for inviting me to capture this wonderful day!

Meet Sophia @ Perkville - an exciting new company that focuses on fitness and well-being rewards programs. Based in the Bay Area, Perkville works to make it easy for small businesses to start their own rewards programs and offers a simple and free way for users to join those programs.

Check out Sophia’s blog and keep up with Perkville here!

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